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ENCYCLOPEDIA 70 Years Formula 1 covers the 70-year history of the most famous and spectacular event in the world of motorsport. In the 384 pages of the book you will find biographical details and interesting facts about all the World Champions to date, as well as exciting and dramatic stories about the drivers who have left a memorable mark on racing history. The author presents events that one by one build the history of competitions, teams, and cars and their development over the years. You will read about the remarkable circuits, the teams and their owners, and you will also find plenty of statistical information, sporting and technical regulations, as well as unforgettable photos from legendary moments in Formula 1 history. The author introduces facts that one by one build the history of competitions, teams and car development over the years. This deluxe edition will complete your collection as a collector, add to your knowledge as a fan, or get you passionate about motorsport.