FIA Regulations & Statistics

 Interesting facts about Formula 1 – statistics, financing, ownership and management, rules for checking races, tires, safety rules and many more.


In Part 5 of the book you will learn about the role of the FIA (International Automobile Federation) in Formula 1 racing. You will find out who organises the Formula 1 World Championship, how powerful the engines used in the races are, how fast the Formula cars are and how jump starts are detected. All this only in Chapter 1 of this part of ENCYCLOPEDIA 70 Years Formula 1Chapter 2 contains the annual Formula 1 Sporting Regulations such as the point scale for the awarded titles, regulations for protest and appeals, general safety, supply of tires, practice sessions, starting procedure and much more. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 respectively present the Technical, Financial and Related Regulations. In these pages there are many interesting facts for the most inquisitive motorsport fans. And Chapter 6 presents systematised tables with a variety of information about the greatest achievements such as total wins, total pole position, youngest and oldest World Champions over the years and more, and more, which you can see in the most luxurious edition dedicated to the 70-year history of Formula 1.