Chapter 1 - World Champions

Part 1 of the Encyclopedia 70th years F1 includes rich information for all F1 World Champions FROM 1950 TO 2020, biographical data and photos sorted by years – from 1950 (Nino Farina) to 2020 (Lewis Hamilton), information for 33 F1 world champions.

From the very first part of the ENCYCLOPEDIA 70 Years Formula 1, you will read in one breath the fascinating stories of the drivers who won world titles, divided into 8 chapters, separated by decades. You will meet or recall the names that made Motorsport histories, such as Alberto Ascari, Nino Farina, Graham Hill, and Jimmy Clark. In each chapter and for each legendary driver you will find a table with information about the nationality of the champions, the number of championships, the year of the championships, which teams he raced for and what engine he used, how many wins, podiums, pole positions, Grand Prix entries he had, and when his first win was. Lots of articles, interesting events and high-quality photos will take you through the stories of some of the greatest drivers in Formula 1 history.

The information in the Book includes:
Biography information for F1 world champions.
Nationality of F1 world champions
A number of world championship titles for every F1 world champion
Year of a championship for every F1 world champion
Which team did each F1 world champion competed for
Kind of engine used by every F1 world champion
Number of victories for every F1 world champion
Podiums for every F1 world champion
Pole positions for every F1 world champion
Entries Grand Prix (starts) for F1 world champions
First victory (win) for every F1 world champion