Best Formula 1 books: The ultimate gift for racing enthusiasts

F1 fans this is for you!

70 years Formula 1 Encyclopedia
Formula 1: The Official History
Formula 1: The Impossible Collection

Are you a Formula 1 history maniac? These luxury coffee table Formula 1 books will transport you back in time to when it all started, by telling you all about F1 teams’ history and the one and only king of the road – the F1 car and its rich old days and new modern innovations.
Let’s take a dive into this iconic art! They are meaningful, inspirational and above of all beautiful! The best books are fascinating literary creations – part object of art, part photographic ode, part textual and factual reflection that give insight to the interests of the F1 fans.
Last year we marked 70 years of Formula 1 history. The glorious days of one of the most heart-stopping sports are visually and neatly collected in exactly 3 worthwhile deluxe editions, perfect for gifting or just… having! Here is the list:

70 years Formula 1 Encyclopedia

Best Formula 1 books 1
Encyclopedia 70 Years Formula 1

Visually stunning massive anthology that packs 70 years of Formula 1 history material and beautiful retro pictures into one binding. A luxury Formula 1 book that tracks the evolution of F1 teams and cars history, highlighting memorable events, facts and legendary racing drivers like Nino Farina, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton that have gained cult followings through the years.
The deluxe edition 70 years Formula 1 Encyclopedia is a stroll through a few centuries of aspirational Formula 1 history and interesting facts for those of us who are just a little obsessed with F1 everything. Filled with little-known facts, insider knowledge, precise terminology, FIA regulations, statistics, and more that any F1 enthusiast will appreciate. This edition offers more than 300 pages of biographical data, photos and information with professional statistics and inside looks at F1 world and all of its fascinating elements.
A luxurious and complete hardcover Formula 1 book that is essential for any F1 fan. Literally, everything you have ever wanted to know about Formula 1 is in this ultimate guide! You can learn more about this edition or order it here at a very good and reasonable price.

Formula 1: The Official History

Best Formula 1 books 2
Formula 1 The official history

Formula 1: The Official History is a beautifully illustrated history of F1 that traces the Drivers’ World Championship, decade by decade, from its first race on 13 May 1950 through all 70 editions.
All in all, this deluxe hardcover 272 pages Formula 1 book published in 2020 is a fantastic celebration of one of the world’s most popular, spectacular, and glamorous sports. Speed through the pages of this excellent F1 gift for any occasion edition that highlights the rise of drivers, the prominence of various teams, and the greatest triumphs in the racing world.

Formula 1: The Impossible Collection

Best Formula 1 book 3
Formula 1: The Impossible Collection

If you’re a huge F1 fan and you аre looking for an excuse to splurge on some new fancy deluxe coffee table Formula 1 book this luxury edition for connoisseurs is your highest game.
Made more to impress than to be actually read, Formula 1: The Impossible Collection is a luxury 228-page meditation on F1 tracks the motorsport’s rich and complex history, examining the 100 pivotal moments which took F1 from its start as a 1950s gentlemen’s club to the legendary global sport it is today.

It is of course handcrafted with linen hardcover and metal plaque, named as a collector piece part of F1’s legacy with white gloves included, just to reiterate the whole exclusiveness of it all. The deluxe edition is closer to an actual art piece and comes with a price tag of almost 1000$, which is kind a reasonable if you own a very own exhibition on F1 and its fascinating legacy.
In а humble conclusion, we shall find that all three of those luxury coffee table Formula 1books for F1 fans are a great piece of possession. But if we have to choose, we will get our hands on the 70 years Formula 1 Encyclopedia. Why? Because it is the latest deluxe edition, an actual celebration of the F1’s heritage and a must-have for any F1 fan out there.

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